BS&F has been at the forefront of the growing and changing small group training (fitness boot camps) industry since 2006.

BS&F believes that 90% of people painfully fail to meet their fitness goals. The other 10% train with us. . . Welcome to the 10% crowd.

The best fitness boot camp program in the city (DC, VA & MD)!

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Anonymous, Washington DC
Corey’s Boot Camps are amazing! My testimonial is I have been regularly attending for four years.  I have two children and lost my baby...
nakitam, Washington DC
This boot camp is amazing. So here’s an amazing testimonial, when I participated last year I was surprised at what I could do!...
nicoleg, Washington DC
BS&F is a challenging fitness program that does wonders for my stamina, core, and physique. My testimonial is that I lost 10 lbs...
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