BS&F has been at the forefront of the growing and changing small group training (fitness boot camps) industry since 2006.

BS&F believes that 90% of people painfully fail to meet their fitness goals. The other 10% train with us. . . Welcome to the 10% crowd.

The best fitness boot camp program in the city (DC, VA & MD)!

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  • ReadExpress just listed it’s finallist for BEST “Boot Camp” in the...
  • Corey Belin has been nominated for Best Personal Trainer Description: Consistence, focus,...
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Mary K, Student
“I’ve been doing boot camp since May. After 5 months, I have lost over 72 pounds and have gone down a few clothing...
Anji Corley, HSN Host
The Secret to Celebrity Weight Loss in 11 days. Facebook is buzzing and the buzz is that Belin Sport & Fitness (BS&F) has...
Carolyn Malachi, Recording Artist
Carolyn Malachi 11 Day B.Challenge with Grammy Award Nominee Grammy nominated recording artist Carolyn Malachi saw some of the amazing results we posted...
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